For Parkinson’s patients, any medical setback is a major setback — especially if they have to be hospitalized.  In the hospital, 3 out of 4 Parkinson’s patients do not get their medications on time — and 61% of them had major complications because of it. Fortunately, the National Parkinson’s Foundation has a free kit to help PD families plan and prepare for both unplanned (emergency) and planned hospital stays.

Head on over to to request your free kit. The free kit includes:

  • Hospitalization Action Plan
  • Parkinson’s Disease ID Bracelet (warning – it contains nickel.)
  • Medical Alert Card
  • Medications Form
  • Parkinson’s Disease Fact Sheet
  • I Have Parkinson’s Reminder Slips
  • Thank You Card
  • Magnet

For more information (and for printable copies to have on hand until you receive your kit) see this page at

Don’t delay in ordering your free kit!!! Because of the high demand, GFPSG members are reporting that they were told it might take six to eight weeks for their kit to arrive.